Personnel Screening Policy

This policy describes the personnel screening policy for BCRM.

These cover:

  • screening employees at recruitment stage;
  • temporary and contract employees.

Screening Employees at Recruitment Stage

Successful job applicant screening and verification is a routine policy at BCRM which helps to minimise risks from theft, fraud, and misuse of facilities. All job applicants at BCRM are subject to screening and verification checks, particularly new recruits who may require access to sensitive data.

The BCRM screening policy for applicants of permanent employment is:

  • all potential permanent employees must be screened in accordance with the BCRM policy for screening job applicants as outlined in this policy;
  • responsibility for performing screening checks lies with the BCRM HR Manager and the Information Security Manager;
  • any failures or issues that arise as a consequence of a screening check and which may affect information security, must be reported by the HR Manager to the Information Security Manager
  • verification checks must be performed on all applicants for permanent employment as follows:
    • employee applications, CV details, experience, and qualifications must be matched against a job description to verify the potential suitability of the applicant;
    • interviews must be conducted on an individual basis to verify suitability. formal offers of employment may only be made to an individual subject to the following checks being made by the HR Manager:
    • character and professional references must be confirmed by obtaining two employer references;
    • academic and professional qualifications must be confirmed by requesting original printed copies (certified copies will suffice if originals are not available) of the most relevant qualifications;
    • an applicant's identity must be verified via a passport or a driving licence.
  • a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check must be performed on all new employees, where appropriate, immediately after an individual commences employment (the check is initiated and monitored by the HR Manager) credit checks may be performed by and at the discretion of the HR Manager under the following circumstances:
    • during application for employment by individual who may have access sensitive data or financial information periodically, for senior management and/or employees with access to financial data.

Temporary and Contract Employees

All screening of temporary and contract employees must be performed by the preferred recruitment agency in accordance with these screening requirements:

  • character and professional references must be obtained via a minimum of two employer references;
    • where relevant, academic and professional qualifications must be confirmed;
    • an applicant's identity must be verified via a passport or a driving licence;
    • the HR Manager is responsible for notifying the agency of BCRM's screening requirements for temporary or contract employees.
  • the HR Manager must confirm with the recruitment agency that employee screening has been completed, and verify the results.

If the recruitment agency does not perform these tasks, the HR Manager shall arrange for them to be carried out in-house.

This policy is issued, reviewed at least annually and maintained by the HR Manager, who also provides advice and guidance on its implementation and ensures compliance. All BCRM employees are directly responsible for complying with this policy.

All BCRM employees shall comply with this policy.

Sian Watson

Managing Director

Dated: 1 August 2009